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In Italy, caffè is equal to Espresso with no exceptions. From the first lights in the morning to to bed time at night, every Italian drinks 3 to 4 cups of Espresso on average in a day, it is like an unbreakable rule. So, how is an Italian’s daily diet and rest schedule like:

8am/10am: Morning.

Go downstairs to the coffee shop to have a cup of Espresso or Cappuccino, paired with a croissant or another one of the million pastry delicacies available.

Fun fact: Cappuccino is only for morning, in the afternoon Espresso is the first choice.

1pm: Lunch.

Usually people have spaghetti, salad or Italian stewed rice.

Fun fact: Italians don’t eat pizza for lunch.


3-4pm: Afternoon cafe.

During breaks at work or library, there is nothing better than drinking a caffè and chatting with friends.

6pm: Aperitivo.

Aperitivo is an appetizer before dinner. The Italians’ delicacy and romance are a the very best at this time. They get together before dinner, order a drink -Spritz cocktail most of the time- and some Prosciutto, olive and cheese to celebrate the end of a day.

8pm: Dinner.

Dinner is the most important meal of the day, Pizza is of course the first choice of every Italian. A joyful dinner can possibly last for few hours, until mid-night. It is a special moment to live and celebrate every day with the most important and precious people.

The culture of slow food has deeply gone into Italians’soul.